Power up Your Solar System with Variable Frequency Drive

Do you ever feel your solar panel system isn’t getting the most out of the sun’s power? Because the more solar panels you have, the less energy they generate when the sun is low in the sky. If you’re interrupted by equipment failures and other problems, it’s time to upgrade.

You need a reliable power source for the agriculture sector, industrial, and residents. USFULL’s VFD is a breakthrough in the PV sector that enables solar panels to adjust their output. It is an essential component for PV systems.

A variable frequency drive (VFD) is a control system that drives machine components. These components, also called loads, can be electric motors that use a mechanical motion to do a task.

The variable frequency drive allows you to control the speed of a load at constant power. The VFD also works as a speed control system for induction motors.

It can reduce production losses and increase efficiency. The VFD power inverter changes DC voltage to AC based on the output frequency.

Features Of Variable Frequency Drive

Some valuable features of USFULL’s variable frequency drive are such as below:

Extended Display Board

An extended display board is one of the fundamental features of a VFD. It allows users to display required data and values according to their limitations.

It shows the generator’s speed and torque, easily obtained from VFD. It is pretty helpful to observe the working of VFD from a safe distance away. It also offers to control it with a remote.

Adjustable Current Frequency

Adjustable frequency is the process of changing the speed of a motor by altering the electric current frequency supplied to it. You can use a variable frequency drive to adjust the current frequency from 0 to 500Hz.

You can adjust the running speed and torque to meet different requirements.

Heat Abandonment Fan

The heat abandonment fan is a critical component in the variable frequency drive. It helps cool the VFD by exhausting the heat generated by the power semiconductor components.

Heat rejection allows the temperature of the power circuit and motor shaft to reach equilibrium. It also helps the VFD cool itself without any outside help. It extends lifespan and reduces maintenance costs.

Digital Keypad Functioning

The digital keypad in the variable frequency drive is one of the vital features of a VFD. Variable frequency drive pump controller efficiently controls the motor speed and position. It saves the operator from unsafe work and offers a simple user interface to control.

The display consists of a graphic keypad. It allows the operator to freely program the output motion when required supervisory operation.

Types Of Variable Frequency Drive

There are two types of USFULL’s variable frequency drive such as:

1. FU9000D Variable Frequency drive

USFULLL’s FU9000D VFD is immensely energy efficient. It uses automatic voltage stabilization and torque saving mode. It keeps your PV system optimally balanced and running smoothly. It can drive power motors from 0.75kw to 500kw.

It contains such features: control sidebar function, uses remote precision control. It doesn’t require any start-up steps.

2. FU9000MD Frequency Invertor

USFULL’s FU9000MD series VFD is a small and efficient piece of equipment. The palm-size of VFD saves on space and costs compared to conventional models. With FU9000MD, you can quickly drive several lower-power motors from 0.75kw to 2kw.

It eliminates the need for bulky, hard-to-install and maintains invertors that can be difficult to integrate into complex machinery.

Why Is Variable Frequency Drive Essential For PV System?

Some benefits of VFD variable frequency drive are associated as:

·Self-Analysis And Communication

Self-analysis and communication technology are used in VFD and ensure that the drive is updated. It can also test remote unit response correctly according to its settings when remote units request instructions or manual settings.

It can know if there are any short circuits to warn the control system. The self-analysis system carries out a self-test for the regular operation of the variable frequency drive.

·Easy To Install

Easy to use VFD allows for a smooth transition between on and off poles and provides more effortless operation. Easy to install VFD variable frequency drive employs a simple construction that simplifies the installation process.

It allows service personnel to overcome technical barriers, including phase relationships, motor locked rotor, neutral grounding, and capacitor start-up circuit. VFDs are also maintenance-free respect.


The eco-friendly term refers to those environmental aspects that negatively affect the earth. VFD is available to provide a vast increase in environmental responsibility through technological advances.

It adjusts smoothly and quickly, giving a smooth performance that varies with load demand. It uses less electricity than fixed-speed drives, which reduces the carbon footprints.

·Prevents Power Line Surges

A power line surge protector is an inexpensive surge suppressor in VFD. It is specially designed to protect electric motors from power surges’ damaging effects. Variable frequency drive pump controller provides clean and stable power at all times.

It provides instant protection from power surges that result from switching off motors. VFDs are the most susceptible devices to unwanted voltage variations, noise, and spikes.

  • Saves Energy

A VFD has a variable frequency range and a smooth power output in response to changing load conditions. VFD can save energy simply by changing its output based on its load.

The reactive power output is applied as the input voltage for the voltage source. The amount of reactive power output can be controlled by VFD, which reduces peak load.

  • Reduces Thermal And Mechanical Fluctuations

VFD helps eliminate motors’ thermal and mechanical fluctuations, vibration, and harmonic resonance. Reduces thermal and mechanical fluctuations and allows the drive to output a stable voltage because there is no increase in air density in the air gap.

The VFD allows you to change the speed at which the motor will turn regardless of the supply voltage. It adopts a compact structure, creates a scientific body layout, and makes control simple.


USFULL’s VFD is specially developed following actual applications. It has a wide range of uses, from providing power to industrial machinery to concentrating solar power. USFULL’s VFD is a famous VFD that customers recognize as reliable, so it’s been gaining more momentum in various countries.

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