Circuit Breakers: A Better Way to Protect Your Belongings

Dealing with power problems caused by a high electric current flow rate is a hassle. That, in turn, results in hazards, potential fire, and equipment failure. You may need to switch them off by hand to protect your photovoltaic system from any damage.

It can be time-consuming and frustrating. It is important to use a breaker switch to prevent your belongings from power surges. A circuit breaker is an apparatus to prevent damage to home appliances and current sourcing devices.

You can use it to interrupt or trip an electrical circuit when it becomes overloaded. It resets to resume power, so you never have to worry about getting stuck in the dark again. Circuit breakers help protect energy and reduce operating costs while eliminating safety hazards.

Is It Worth Using Circuit Breakers?

Circuit breakers are an important part of electrical equipment. An electrical fault can cause destruction or even start a fire without them.

Here are some general benefits of circuit breakers, such as:

·Protects Against Excessive Current

Circuit breakers control the fluctuation of power by disconnecting the appliance or device. When unsafe levels of current flow through the circuit.

A c/b sends the current to the ground circuitry if it detects too much current flowing through its contacts. They also help protect equipment and people in the circuit from electrical shock.

·Environmental Friendly

Some DC Circuit breakers are an integral part of the solar panel system. It helps you avoid hazardous incidents and can withstand desert and wild areas of its temperature resistance.

It makes it possible to use USFULL’s circuit breakers in your home and enjoy the used circuit breaker.

·Lightweight And Reliable

They provide dependable protection against overloads and short circuits. You can use circuit breakers in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

The circuit breaker closes the circuit when the current exceeds a predetermined value. Circuit breakers are very reliable and lightweight.

·Visualized Open And Close Status

Open and close status indicates whether the self-contained safety function is accurate operating. Circuit automats of the grid make it convenient for maintenance to power circuits.

It enables you to operate conveniently, reducing errors and improving safety.

·Quick To Respond Operations

A circuit breaker quicker acts after detecting an overload, short circuit, or disturbance. It has a better ability to protect the system from damage and fire.

Circuit breakers are electrical devices that observe current flow through a circuit. It shuts off the circuit’s power if necessary; failure can occur.

Types Of Circuit Breakers

You can categorize circuit breakers by the number of amperes (A). Each circuit breaker can interrupt when there is a fault.

You can use some line and load types for lighting applications. You can use others for essential services applications.

1. Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB)

There are two types of a miniature circuit breakers, such as:


It’s designed to handle current ranging from 6A to 32A. The voltage-current is curve C and is made of 1P+N. Its dimensions are in standard width with two pole function.

It’s like a traditional mcb breaker, such as short circuit protection and overload protection. It is an arc-shunt circuit breaker, which can work well and protect your business.


You can use it for power distribution systems. USFULL MCB is lightweight and can withstand high temperatures. A miniature circuit breaker also provides excellent performance when used with overload protection.

C/B has made with high-quality, shock-proof, and almost unbreakable materials. Its current ranges from 1A to 125A. 50 amp breaker comes with a fire retardant shell to protect your electricity usage.

2. Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCB)

An RCCB provides overcurrent protection for the conductors of a supply circuit. It is open (trip) under fault conditions caused by short circuits and ground faults. Thereby protecting the conductors and equipment supplied.

Features Of Circuit Breakers

Fire-Proof Interface:

You can use fire-proof circuit breakers to prevent current from passing in case of fire.

It protects your property from damage. It reduces risks to people in the home due to heat buildup, fire hazards, or even an electrocution risk.


You can use circuit breakers in various applications, like residential and industrial use. They are also perfect for photovoltaic systems.

You can use breakers in electrical appliances such as AC motors, water pumps, and lights. A circuit breaker fits to protect the wire strands or cables.

Bimetallic Sheet:

The bimetallic strip works on the principle of heat flow from high to low temperatures.

You can use it as a thermostat to ensure safety in a circuit breaker. Its ability to expand on the temperature change allows for accurate temperature readings.

Arc Extinction:

Opening the c/b often causes surface protection sparking and breakdown. It can lead to a buildup of an ionized medium in the path.

It creates a resistive path that allows current to flow through even contacts close. Arc helps bridge the contact gap. It prevents sudden electrical jumps to make sure the power stays safe.

How They Are Work?

You can connect an AC motor to a power source through a closed circuit. When closed, the current flows from the power supply to the motor, but it stops if you open it.

A circuit breaker pops open to isolate the splicers when something goes wrong. The circuit breaker closes when you fix the fault, allowing power to flow again.


When a current overloads, fires are likely to occur. These cannot damage property but endanger the lives of people nearby.

Circuit breakers are vital to get rid of the big current surge when it reaches a high voltage level.

USFULL’s circuit breaker is also essential for the photovoltaic system. Due to its easy installation, it can save a lot of money in the long run.

USFULL’s circuit breakers act as circuit protection against surges, spikes, and lightning strikes. It has also protected against abnormal electrical conditions.

Circuit breakers keep your friends and family will be safe when you wire them upright.

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