Variable Frequency Drive

FU9000D Variable Frequency Drive

USFULL FU9000D series frequency inverter is developed on new hardware platform.


Our FU9000D VSD/VFD variable frequency drive is fully automatic, no need to make extra setup to run it. It’s user friendly and easy for maintenance. The ac drive has many features such as save energy, increase torque, stable voltage, traverse control, control speed, protect motor, et cetera.

FULLWILL ELECTRIC CO., LTD (USFULL), being focus on Variable Frequency Drive R&D and Production since 2005. Our FU9000D Variable Frequency Drive(We can call it VFD/VSD)is fully automatic, no need to make extra setup to run it. FU9000D Variable Frequency Drive has many features such as save energy, increase torque, stable voltage, traverse control, control speed, protect motor, et cetera.

FU9000D Variable Frequency Drive

Variable Frequency Drive is a type of motor controller that drives an electric motor by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the electric motor. Other names for a VFD are variable speed drive, adjustable speed drive, adjustable frequency drive, AC drive, micro drive, and inverter.

FU9000D Variable Frequency Drive

Why should we use FU9000D Variable Frequency Drive?

1 – Reduce Energy Consumption and Energy Costs

2 – Increase Production Through Tighter Process Control

3 – Extend Equipment Life and Reduce Maintenance

4 – Control the Starting Current and reduced Power Line Disturbances

5 – Adjustable Operating Speed and torque Limit

6 – Elimination of Mechanical Drive Components

FU9000D Variable Frequency Drive

➧PRG/ESC: Enter or exit Level I menu.

➧DATA/ENT: Enter the menu inter faces level by level, and confirm the parameter setting.

➧SHIFT: Select the displayed parameters in turn in the stop or running state, and select the digit to be modified when modifying parameters.

➧RUN: Start the AC drive in the operation panel control mode.

➧STOP/RST: Stop the AC drive when it is in the running state; perform the reset operation when in the fault state.

➧QUICK/JOG: Multifunction: Function selection according to P7-01, can be defined as command source or direction. Menu selection: Redirect among menu modes according to PP-03.

FU9000D Variable Frequency Drive

USFULL offers high quality solar pump inverter, every piece of FU9000D Variable Frequency Drive is strictly tested before delivery.

FU9000D Variable Frequency Drive

We strictly control in all spare parts, with 6S Standard Workshop to make the solar pump inverter qualified and higher performance.

FU9000D Variable Frequency Drive

We use best spare parts, together with best design, best performance and best quality control, we will offer you most satisfied solar pump inverter, which is core value of our company Fullwill Electric – Full of energy, Will only offer most satisfied products.

FU9000D Variable Frequency Drive
0.75kw/1.5kw/2.2kw (1HP/2HP/3HP) Variable Frequency Drive
FU9000D Variable Frequency Drive
4.0kw/5.5kw (5.5HP/7.5HP) Variable Frequency Drive
FU9000D Variable Frequency Drive
7.5kw/11kw/15kw (10HP/15HP/20HP) Variable Frequency Drive
FU9000D Variable Frequency Drive
Example: FU9000D-7R5G/011P-4
7.5KW 380V 3Phase
FU9000D Variable Frequency Drive

With the strict ERP system to control each unit of raw material, to make the best quality for customers and considerate service for customers.

FU9000D Variable Frequency Drive

We have ISO and IEC test report and CE certificate for solar pump inverter, guarantee the quality and ensure the purchase is worry-free.

Welcome to send us inquiry and discuss more details!

FU9000D-0R7G-S2 Snigle Phase 220V±15% 0.75 8.2 4
FU9000D-1R5G-S2 1.5 14 7
FU9000D-2R2G-S2 2.2 23 9.6
FU9000D-0R7G-2 3 Phase 220V±15% 0.75 5 3.8
FU9000D-1R5G-2 1.5 5.8 5.1
FU9000D- 2R2G-2 2.2 10.5 9
FU9000D-004G-2 4 14.6 13
FU9000D-5R5G-2 5.5 26 25
FU9000D-7R5G-2 7.5 35 32
FU9000D-011G-2 11 46.5 45
FU9000D-015G-2 15 62 60
FU9000D-018G-2 18.5 76 75
FU9000D-022G-2 22 92 91
FU9000D-030G-2 30 113 112
FU9000D-037G-2 37 157 150
FU9000D-D45G-2 45 180 176
FU9000D-055G-2 55 214 210
FU9000D-0R7G-4 3 phase 380V±15% 0.75 3.4 2.5
FU9000D-1R5G-4 1.5 5 3.7
FU9000D-2R2G-4 22 5.8 5
FU9000D-004G/5R5P-4 4.0/5.5 10/15 9/13
FU9000D-5R5G/7R5P-4 5.5/7.5 15/20 13/17
FU9000D-7R5G/011P-4 7.5/11 20/26 17/25
FU9000D-011G/015P-4 11/15 26/35 25/32 .
FU9000D-015G/018P-4 15/18.5 35/38 32/37
FU9000D-018G/022P-4 18.5/22 38/46 37/45
FU9000D-022G/030P-4 22/30 46/62 45/60
FU9000D-030G/037P-4 30/37 62/76 60/75
FU9000D-037G/045P-4 37/45 76/90 75/89
FU9000D-045G/055P-4 45/55 92/113 91/112
FU9000D-055G/075P-4 55/75 113/157 112/150
FU9000D-075G/090P-4 75/90 157/180 150/176
FU9000D-090G/110P-4 90/110 180/214 176/210
FU9000D-110G/132P-4 110/132 214/256 210/253
FU9000D-132G/160P-4 132/160 256/307 253/304
FU9000D-160G/185P-4 160/185 307/340 300/330
FU9000D-185G/200P-4 185/200 340/385 330/380
FU9000D-200G/220P-4 200/220 385/430 377/426
FU9000D-220G/250P-4 220/250 430/468 426/465
FU9000D-250G/280P-4 250/280 468/525 465/520
FU9000D-280G/315P-4 280/315 525/590 520/585
FU9000D-315G/350P-4 315/350 590/665 585/650
FU9000D-350G-4 350 665 650
FU9000D-400G-4 400 785 725
FU9000D-500G-4 500 883 820
FU9000D-630G-4 630


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