Keep Every String Intact of Your Solar System with USFULL PV Combiner Box

Are you the one who are facing issues in your Solar panel system? Are you hates short-circuit and to setup it again and again? Want to solve this problem for long time? Then No worries!

PV Combiner Box is the only solution for you to manage your Solar panel strings perfectly. In this article, you will get the complete detail information about PV Combiner Box. Sounds Amazing? Let’s Dive in!

How Would You Define PV Combiner Box?

The PV Combiner Box is a connector or a distributer contains of DC Breakers. It helps you to connect various solar panels strings into one electrical distributer to control the electrical charge.

The PV Combiner Box contains of more than 50 Strings pots to connect the large system of Solar panel easily. But if you want to use this combiner box on small system it will also be very beneficial for you. The Combiner Box allows you to monitor the strings condition, rapid remote shutdown and other components.

Features Of PV Combiner Box

The PV Combiner Box provides you high quality features that include:

IP65 Inclusion

The IP65 Inclusion of PV Combiner Box helpful in protecting and boosting the open-circuit voltages from photovoltaic arrays that is connected in series. Its enclosure provides safety to PV Box from weather, dust and other harmful factors. It also protects it in raining from every side.

Custom DC Voltage

The PV Combiner Box comes in maximum 1000V. Because the 1000V PV Combiner Box works very good on almost every solar system. But if you have different type of solar panels and you want to combine it with different voltages. Then you can customize it with your requirements between 500V to 1000V.

Low and High Temperature Resistant

You can use PV Combiner Box in both Low and High temperature from 22 to 55 degree Celsius. Means that you can setup it on those places where weather is not well every day. It will work very well without facing any issue such as cracking or corrosion. This Box is compatible for both indoor and outdoor use to solve your problem for long time.

Components Of PV Combiner Box

The PV Combiner Box Contains of various components some important components include:

Surge Protective Devices

Surge protective devices helps you to protect electrical devices or equipment. Sometimes the voltages increase suddenly that can badly affect on electrical devices. So, the surge protective devices prevent these accidents and make the current or voltages maintain.

String Monitoring Hardware

String Monitoring Hardware means that you can monitor all the strings of Solar PV panels to check overall output and the performance of every unit of the system.

DC Disconnects

Disconnector helps you to stop the current flow. The DC Disconnects of Combiner Box has also same working it works like a switch that helps you to stop the flow of direct current. You can off the switch when you don’t need the current which is coming from solar panels.

DC Fuse Holder

The DC Fuse holder is a type of fuse accessory. In the electrical circuit, the fuse holder integrate fuse safely and also ensure you that the flow of current passes perfectly.


The PV Combiner Box has two sides one is Output and second is input. The Output of PV Combiner Box is known as the enclosure of Box.

Circuit Breaker

In the PV Combiner Boxes, the circuit breaker has a single pole and its means that the breaker has only one incoming wire for use.


The Busbar helps you to connects multiple wires into one point. The Busbar of PV Combiner Box also work same it helps you to connect multiple strings of solar panel system into one metal bar of box.

Bridge Bar

The Bridge Bar is a metal strip and its working is also same as busbar. The Bridge bar of PV Combiner Box helps to combine various inputs into a single output.

Types of PV Combiner Box

The following types of PV Combiner Box are given below:

  • Plastic Body
  • Iron Body

Plastic Body

The Plastic PV Combiner Box offers you low thermal expansion, High-Insulation and its mechanical properties are also very good. You can easily maintain, install and repair this box because of its high strength corrosion resistance.

The main advantage of this plastic Combiner Box is that you can easily clean the Box. It works very well in safety of electrical components from dust, extreme weather conditions and other dangerous factors.

Iron Body

The PV Combiner Box that comprises of iron body has high-strength, structure of high voltage resistant and with less weight. It works very well in protecting system from fluctuations of voltage and damage of lightning. Because it constructs from spray-coated sheet of iron which has high accuracy rate.

Benefits Of PV Combiner Box

The PV Combiner Box offers you the various different benefits include:

Waterproof And Dust Proof

The Box of PV Combiner keeps the electrical components waterproof and dust proof. You can use PV Combiner Box at anywhere like indoor and outdoor and it is the very effective way to solve your problem for long time.

Overload And Lightening Protection

Its feature to protect the solar panel system from overload of electrical charge and lightening offers you reliability for maximum time.

Stand Out Interface

The PV Combiner Box has very easy to understand interface. There is nothing technical or difficult you don’t need any experience to combine the strings. You just need to put the strings of your solar panel system into the pots of PV Combiner Box.

Cost Effective

The PV Combiner Box is less expensive than other methods of combining. In conventional method of combining, you need wires to connect each panel. But the PV Combiner Box reduce your cost of wiring. Its range starts from $50 to $300.

Final Thoughts

After discussing the complete detail about PV Combiner Box I hope, you will be able to choose the best one.

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