The Applications of Solar Pump Inverter in Tunisia

The use of renewable energy has exponentially increased in the past few years. Surprisingly, solar power is not far behind as a source of electricity. As per the report, nearly half of electricity production in the US is expected to rely on the solar power in 2022. About 46.1 Gigawatt(GW) is to be added to this case.

What does that mean? By that means, solar energy dominates the electricity system in developed countries. But, there is one thing — solar energy has to be converted to a viable form to use as electrical power. For this purpose, we use multiple devices. Today, we will discuss solar pump inverters, a part of the solar energy converter and controller.

Chapter 1: Solar Pump Inverter Basic Approach

What is a solar pump inverter?

A solar pump inverter is a device that regulates the photovoltaic pumps by converting the DC power from solar resources to the AC system.


Conversion of DC into AC output results in variable frequency to control the power system. Moreover, it can monitor the frequency of the method according to sunlight intensity to achieve maximum power point tracking.

How does it work?

There is a difference between the AC and DC power. AC continually alternates the voltages while DC voltage remains the same throughout the duration.

From the solar system, can you guess whether it is AC or DC? Let me tell you the basic fact. No doubt, it is DC power. But, DC power is not sufficient to control the pump system. That’s why there is a need to convert DC to the AC output. Solar pump inverter does this task efficiently.

Technically, here it is:

  • DC input feeds into the solar pump inverter from the sunlight.
  • The inverter checks the DC input and converts it into the AC output.
  • This AC output then operates power devices that work better at the AC power.

That’s how exactly a solar pump inverter works.

What is the purpose of a solar pump inverter?

As I already mentioned, the solar pump inverter aims at converting the DC to AC. You know, why? Because 220 volts to 240 volts power is optimum to operate the multiple devices used at home and relevant areas.

Chapter 2: Applications of Solar Pump Inverter in Tunisia

Do you live in Tunisia? If yes, you might have observed the broad applications of solar pump inverters in the irrigation system. It doesn’t limit its applications to the irrigation system. Instead, you can use it for swimming pools and water supply mechanisms. In short, the uses are somewhat related to the water system in Tunisia.

Let’s have a quick go-through of the applications of the solar pump.

·         Solar Projects

Tunisia is trying to lead the solar energy prospect on the front foot. As per future aspects, Tunisia Government, has recently announced to invest $1 billion in solar projects. Till 2030, it is expected to get 30% of electricity from solar power.

In Tunisia, solar projects require multiple solar types of equipment —variable frequency devices and solar pump inverters. Solar pumps inverters have helped the government control its solar power system extensively.

USFULL has helped the Tunisia government with solar projects to control and get the maximum efficiency.

The Applications of Solar Pump Inverter in Tunisia

·         Irrigation system

An irrigation system requires a continuous supply to water the soil. What if you don’t have natural resources to do it? Moreover, electricity consumption is higher, making the whole process expensive without using renewable energy sources.

That’s why solar energy comes into action. But, there is still a question left. How do you control the tube well? Here, you can understand the importance of solar pump inverters.

Solar pump inverters help run the tube wells and control them to maximize power usage. Overall productivity to expenses ratio increases with the use of renewable resources.

In Tunisia, you can observe the applications of solar pump inverters. A report from Statista indicates the exponential growth of solar water pumping systems in Tunisia from 2011 to 2018. You can guess the requirements of the irrigation system in Tunisia by just going through the reports.

·         Swimming Pool

In swimming pools, we all know different mechanisms are installed to supply the water. Obviously, there are pumps or even tube wells to provide the water. In that case, a solar pump inverter helps us regulate the water supply.

·         Rural water supply

In rural areas, there are requirements for the water system. To fulfill the demands, solar energy has assisted to some extent. The use of solar pump inverters has recently increased in the past few years.

·         Water Supply projects

State or Domestic Government in Tunisia comes up with water supply projects at small and large scales. Solar pump inverters have alleviated their concerns about water supply and aided them in coping with the given water conditions.

The Applications of Solar Pump Inverter in Tunisia

In Tunisia, most applications of solar pump inverters revolve around water supply systems.

Chapter 3: What features should you look for in your ideal solar pump inverter?

Less likely, you might find the solar pump inverter you actually need. Is that true? I believe it must be because you might encounter mistakes. But, no more errors will happen after reading this guide.

Here are essential features to look for in an ideal solar pump inverter.

·         Automatic MPPT

  • MPPT or maximum power point tracking determines the efficiency of the solar pump inverter. If the MPPT is fully automatic, it will change the frequency according to the sunlight intensity, making it flexible and compatible. When there is high intensity of light, it leads to 99% efficiency in storing the power. In low-intensity light, the efficiency decreases using the stored energy.

·         Protection mechanism

  • Protection mechanisms are integral in controlling any system. For example, electrical instruments remain functional if protection mechanisms are installed for power surges, dust, and mechanical forces. Apply this case to the solar pump inverter. While buying the solar pump inverter, ensure it contains power surge, water, and dust protection mechanisms.

·         Easy to maintain

  • For beginners, it is a challenging task to operate such devices. They can’t even apprehend the connections of solar pump inverters with multiple devices, such as VFD. Moreover, maintenance cost rises to an above-average level. To eliminate this concern, conduct meticulous research. Look for solar pump inverters that enable easy-to-use and maintain features.

·         Check the price

  • Price is the most crucial factor to jot down. Affordable prices are always favorable. In the Tunisia market, Chinese suppliers help you get the best prices. Try USFULL solar pump inverters to get the best.

Chapter 4: Where to find the Solar pump inverter in Tunisia?

Tunisia’s market has a variety of suppliers that can meet your demands for solar systems. USFULL is one of the most popular suppliers with various products related to renewable sources — solar energy. To water the soil, we have solar pump inverters that can help you regulate the solar pumps.

Our customers include MES Distribution, Performance Engineering, and famous enterprises in Tunisia. The most selling range in Tunisia contains 2.2kW to 15kW.

Here is what we have for your solar water pumps.


Have you found your ideal solar pump inverter? If not, no problem. Go through the guide about solar pump inverters and land on the best item. USFULL is always there to help grab the best solar equipment with guaranteed features. Call us right away!

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