This Is a More of a Rescue Operation

At the beginning, I want to talk about the trend of the world. Do you know the book “The Quest—-Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World” written by Daniel Yergin, it reveals the impact of energy development law on the world economy, pointed out the future trend of world energy.

Throughout the world energy game, How far the oil and gas can move? How much effort we should make in the new energy? How can we save the global economic downturn? All of us know the human resources become less and less, gradually withered. The new trend is bound to start using new energy, the most important is solar energy.

In the solar industry, solar panels occupy a major share of the whole industry. So shall we dedicate ourselves to the solar panel industry? No… The market of solar panel is almost inflation, in the meanwhile, the profit is compressed to zero. So what we have to do is convert the solar energy into a variety of human resources we need.

Today my topic is how to convert the solar energy into different resources required by human. It’s an inevitable trend of human development. And all the people are stepping on this trend now. Let’s act together to win the world.

Now in the desert area of Middle East and Africa countries as well as Chinese Northwest have abundant solar energy resource, but water resource is extremely scarce. Therefore these areas are not as bustling city, there is such a good city facilities.

People live in these areas, especially the children, few people can enjoy high-quality resources as modern cities, It is very difficult for them to enjoy clean drinking water, food, etc…, not to mention education. Now in many parts of Africa, every year a large number of children because of drinking unclean water and death. In fact, these children are exempt from the death because of the scarcity of resources.

As human development of modern science and technology have been able to take advantage of abundant solar energy, and combined with our solar pumping drive, it will convert the solar energy to the resources which we need. Such as the clean water, irrigate crops and access to food, etc.

Now with global climate warming. The green house effect by carbon dioxide is getting worse. Use our solar pumping drive can reduce 470 million ton carbon dioxide emissions per year in the global.

From 2009 to 2015, the total amount of the frequency drives increased from 13 billion dollar to 28.37 billion dollar, the increasing ratio is 118.23%, however, the solar pumping drive increased 230.38%, what an amazing it is! Experts predict that solar pumping drive will be have Average annual growth of 18% in the next five years.

If you are already in this business, or you are plan to enter in this business. So, congratulations to you! You made a right choice. You can help a lot of people, and let them away from death. This is not only an energy revolution, this is a more of a rescue operation! You look like an angle, you are doing significant things. Now we are together to take the advantage of these new energy and our solar pumping drive to create an astonishing effect.

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