Talking About the Top 10 Solar Pump Inverter Manufacturers

A solar pump inverter is a device that helps control the water pumps by converting the DC voltage to AC. Direct sunlight is of no use unless you convert it into electrical power. All these tasks you can expect from the solar pumps.

You might have come across multiple types of solar pump inverters. But, do they precisely meet your requirements? Maybe yes, or maybe not. If you have some problems selecting the manufacturers and solar pump inverters, this article is for you. We will discuss the top 10 manufacturers worldwide to help you get the best solar pump inverters.


ABB limited is a Swedish company having headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. For 34 years, ABB limited has been serving people in the field of robotics, electrical equipment, and solar power. You can find various types of electrical equipment such as Motors, AC machines, DC machines, and many more.

There are different ranges of solar pump inverters, including 3kW to 18.5kW. There is an optimized design that facilitates the installation in less space. The ABB solar pump inverter provides a three-phase supply of 400 watts, which is essential for the pumps.


Siemens is an international company established in 1847 in Berlin, Germany. Serving for so many years, it has eased access to technology products such as Artificial Intelligence and provided the customers with electrical power systems and technological equipment.

Siemens Solar pump inverters come up with the name SINAMICS, including the model number. They offer 0.2kW to 30kW range inverters providing support at higher temperatures. You can choose their solar pump inverter and order them straightforwardly.


Schneider electrics is a French multinational company that provides digital solutions and energy resources to its customers. It was founded in 1836 and has served the electrical industry for more than one century. They are digital partners for sustainability and efficiency and enable customers to improve them.

Schneider solar pump inverter comes with a single-phase or three-phase supply. It has a range of 0.18kW to 5.5kW. It is compact and AC compatible, making it easier to operate in a system. You can give it a try.


INVT electrics is a Chinese company located in Shenzhen, China. From 2002 to 2022, 20 years of success in the electrical power industry makes INVT electric a top competitor. Different equipment like UPS, Variable Frequency Drive, and renewable energy sources products are available at this brand.

INVT solar pump inverters have a power range of 0.4kW to 110kW that is easily accessible to everyone. It has a single-phase supply of 220 volts and a three-phase supply of 380 volts. Advanced MPPT system allows reaching 99% efficiency.


Veichi electrics is an Indian company having headquarters in Ahmedabad. Being a top-notch seller in the electrical power industry, they produce various products. The internet of things has elevated its level in the industry.

Veichi solar pump inverters have an excellent design with small inverter modules. They enable the power range of 0.75kW to 11kW. The single-phase power supply of 220 volts and the three-phase power supply of 400 volts work with every system.


SAJ electrics provides a solution for solar and electrical energy to business operators and enterprises. They have variable frequency drives, solar inverters, and energy storage systems to help businesses maximize their efficiency.

SAJ Electric solar pump inverter works on the single-phase and three-phase supply. Moreover, it has 2 MPPT for higher efficiency and automated controls. The maximum string current is 16 amperes.


Zhejiang Fullwill electric corporation, also named Fullwill, was established in 2005. They have provided customers with solar power solutions for the past 17 years. From solar accessories to electrical products, you can procure everything from us.

Our solar pump inverter has an MPPT system for smooth tracking and efficiency. It is easy to understand and operate under the three supplies. It is available in the different power range from 0.75 kW to 37 kW.


Sungrow power supply corporations limited is one of the top manufacturers of solar pump inverters. Apart from that, you can come across photovoltaic projects, different systems, and equipment to aid you in converting sunlight into electrical power.

Sungrow inverter is easy to install and play with. It is available in a single-phase or three-phase supply, enhancing efficiency. MPPT system can provide uplevel performance with 99% efficiency.

9.Shenzhen SORO

Shenzhen SORO has more than ten years of experience operating solar system devices and providing technological solutions to customers. They have two factories established in Zhejiang and Shenzhen. To find the products, you can visit their website.

These solar pump inverters produce pure sine wave output. They work under a standard single-phase supply of 220 volts and have easy-to-use features. They procure user-adjustable charging, current, and voltage.


Hoymiles was established in 2012 and gained the top place among the solar system solutions. Apart from solar energy, it provides solutions for technology and energy storage. They have a range of products with different features.

Energy compliant solar pump inverters from Hoymiles do wonders. They facilitate fast and smooth tracking. With the MPPT system, you can achieve a high output with 99.8% efficiency. Just give them a try their solar inverters right away!

Why Choose USFULL?

Remember, you can’t choose every manufacturer because of budget and time limitations. So, when we compare the prices, installation, and easy-to-use features, USFULL solar pump inverters are at higher levels.

Here are reasons why choose USFULL:

Easy to Operate:

If you check the inverters from top manufacturers like ABB or Seimens, you will face the ultimate problem. You know, what that is? They are challenging to operate and require expertise.

Our solar pump inverter is concerned; it doesn’t require any special skills. Anyone can operate without any risks. Isn’t it good enough for you?

Affordable Prices:

No doubt, the above manufacturers are top in the electrical power industry, but when it comes to prices, they are very much expensive. Everyone looks for inexpensive products. That’s what you can find in USFULL solar pump inverters.

Our invertors procure quality and offer affordable prices, increasing access to our products by small businesses.

Ultimate customer support:

We are available whenever you need us. Once you purchase any products from USFULL, we treat you as our premium customer. You can get fast responses to your messages and have better plans for your solar systems. Hit us a call or message us on WhatsApp to get the ultimate guidance right away.


Look, all the manufacturers procure high-quality electrical products. The difference arises when it comes to ease of operation and the overall cost of the products. USFULL is an economical option in this respect with outstanding quality. You can find various electrical products like virtual frequency drives, DC circuit breakers, surge protection products, and solar connectors. Try us right away! three-phase—all

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