Why a Solar Combiner Box so Important?

Solar Energy has dominated the world. As per stats from US Energy Information (EIA)the growth of solar energy has increased from 20% in 2020 to 22% in 2021, comprising a total of 39% electricity production by the solar system. Imagine such vast stats. However, the whole world is gradually adopting this innovation to utilize renewable sources, such as Solar Energy, effectively.

Apart from that, you have safety risks as well. For example, what if there is a power surge? To cope with the situation, we have a solar combiner box. It can work as a circuit breaker and reduce the number of wires employed. Let’s have a detailed analysis of this solar combiner box.

Chapter 1: Solar Combiner Box basics

What is a solar combiner box?

The solar combiner box is a type of electrical box that combines multiple electrical strings from the photovoltaic(PV) cells. Combination strings can be of DC or AC, but remember, only one type, either DC or AC strings, can be connected in a single box. You know, why? Because AC operates at different voltages and alternating voltages, the case is opposite in the case of DC.

So, whenever an idea comes to your mind about the solar combiner box, make sure you combine the right cables in your PV combiner box.

In a solar combiner box, each string directly links with the fuse terminal to block the passage of electrical power in case of sudden voltage surges.

What is the purpose of the solar combiner box?

No doubt, it is a good idea to understand the fundamental role of the solar combiner box.

Look. What do you do when sudden voltage surges occur in your circuit? Maybe you have circuit breakers or fuse terminals. Even you might have surge protectors to prevent damage to your electrical devices. Am I right? If yes, consider the same role for the solar combiner as well. However, there are three essential purposes for using the solar combiner box in the circuit.

  • Solar combiner box reduces the number of wires connected to the inverter and potentially saves costs.
  • The combiner box simplifies the number of connections to the fuse terminals and makes it easy to understand and find the relevant wires.
  • Acts as a rapid shut down system in case of voltage surges.

Do you really need the solar combiner box?

The answer is not that simple. It depends:

  • When you have more than three PV modules strings in your system
  • You want to enhance the protection of your inverter
  • For rapid shut down purposes in case of sudden fluctuations in the current

All you must know is to understand the complexity of your network and take up relevant measures.

Is it easy to install the Solar combiner box?

I may or may not agree at this point. You know, why? Because there are multiple aspects to appreciate this phenomenon. Not all the combiners are plug-and-play. Similarly, you need to hire electricians to install your solar combiner box.

Usually, a solar combiner box with all setups can be plugged in and played. For example, a box with prewired fuse holders coming out of the box can be easy to install.

If you don’t know anything about the electrical system, I would recommend hiring expert electricians for this purpose.

Chapter 2: What should you look for in an ideal solar combiner box?

Is it hard to find the solar combiner box? Simply no. But finding a quality solar combiner box is the crux of the matter. We will go through the essential features to look at in your ideal solar combiner box.

Quality tool

Buying the same tool, again and again, is an actual headache. Remember one thing. Never compromise on the quality for the sake of the price. You might wonder, why? The fundamental goal is to put the tool under work for extended periods. You can achieve this objective only if your box has the desired quality.

It must provide protection

Solar combiner box must provide protection. Have you read it? But the question is— protection from what? The answer is simple. It must be compatible with the system and protect from lightning surges and voltage fluctuations.

An ideal box contains DC circuit breakers relevant to the number of string modules along with a DC fuse to turn off the power system quickly.

It should be easy to install

Installation is a severe concern out there when it comes to the solar combiner box. Most of us don’t even know about electrical equipment. Since our main priority is protection, the easy-to-install combiner box can ensure it. That’s why look for the plug-and-play box with all the essential features available in it.

The dustproof mechanism for protection

Your goal is not only to save your devices from the power surges. Instead, you aim to protect your box as well. You know, why? To make it work for longer durations.

Dust adversely affects the performance of the solar combiner box. With time, you can realize the decrease in the performance of your box. So, is there any solution to it? Yes. Make sure your solar combiner box has a dustproof mechanism.

Adaptable to given situations

Everywhere the situation is not the same. For example, the industrial environment is quite different from the home environment. So, a favorable combiner box is adaptable to the given situations. For example, high-temperature conditions. That’s why look for the compatible box that works under the given condition.

Affordable price

Everyone wants to save some bucks over the purchase. It is only possible when you look at multiple items and compare them. In the case of the combiner box, you must jot down your requirements and search for them in the given box. If it contains all the features, it is time to find the best one with affordable rates.

Chapter 3: Where do you get the solar combiner box in China?

Finally, an ultimate question everyone needs to know. There are hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers in China, but which one is better?

Apart from all, our USFULL Solar PV Combiner Box can be a good option.

Here is why we chose our combiner box.

  • Comes with built-in protection devices, such as a DC circuit breaker, DC fuse, anti-reverse diode.
  • Anti-UV, Waterproof, and Dustproof mechanisms installed to take protection to an advanced level.
  • It can work even below freezing temperature to 60 degrees Celsius.
  • Optimized to use in-home or any other solar systems.

Still, waiting? But for what? Hit us a message to get your version right away!

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