Enhanced Efficiency and Control: Employing Variable Frequency Drives in the World’s Leading FMCG Food Company


In the ever-evolving landscape of the FMCG food industry, the need for efficient and flexible motor control solutions is paramount. The world’s biggest FMCG food company recognized the challenges posed by manual motor control and sought a transformative solution to optimize its water treatment and distribution processes. By incorporating Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), the company aimed to achieve enhanced motor control, reduced water and product wastage, minimized power consumption, and simplified maintenance procedures.


The company faced several challenges in manually controlling motors for driving pumps and turbines in raw water reservoirs. With motors ranging from a few kW to 200 kW, the personnel struggled to adjust motor parameters and RPM based on the dynamic demands of the water treatment plants and boilers. This manual approach was time-consuming, and inefficient, and often led to water and product wastage, as well as increased power consumption. Additionally, in cases of fault current supply to the motors, personnel had to physically reset the system, resulting in operational downtime and reduced productivity.

The Solution: USFULL Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

To address these challenges, the FMCG food company decided to implement Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) across its water treatment and distribution systems. VFDs provided a remote and instantaneous motor speed control solution by adjusting motor parameters. The VFDs not only ensured motor protection by tripping in case of faulty current supply but also facilitated quick and efficient system resets. Furthermore, VFDs enabled motors to operate at variable RPMs, seamlessly adjusting to the specific demands of the plant, resulting in optimized performance.

Advantages and Benefits:

The incorporation of VFDs in the FMCG food company’s operations yielded substantial advantages and benefits:

Efficient Water and Product Management: VFDs allowed motors to adapt their speed and output to match the required demand, minimizing water wastage and ensuring precise control over the water treatment and distribution processes. This resulted in cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

Power Consumption Optimization: The variable nature of VFDs enabled motors to operate at optimal speeds, significantly reducing power consumption. This not only contributed to substantial energy savings but also aligned with the company’s sustainability goals.

Simplified Maintenance: With VFDs, the company experienced simplified maintenance procedures. The remote control capability allowed for swift adjustments and troubleshooting, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Additionally, VFDs provided valuable diagnostic information for proactive maintenance, enhancing overall system reliability.

Optimal Motor Control and Protection: Harnessing VFD Technology in Pumping and Aeration Systems of a Wastewater Treatment Plant

For the blower application in the wastewater treatment plant with a motor rated at 220 V AC and 50 kW, using a 60 kW VFD provides ample power capacity and allows for future expansion or increased load requirements. In addition to motor control, the VFD also offers short-circuit protection for the motor.

When selecting a VFD for motor protection, it’s essential to consider the following parameters:

Motor Power Capacity: The VFD should have a power rating equal to or greater than the motor’s power rating. In this case, a 60 kW VFD is suitable for a 50 kW motor, providing sufficient power capacity and allowing a safety margin.

Voltage Compatibility: Ensure that the VFD’s input voltage matches the available power supply, which is 220 V in this scenario.

Short Circuit Protection: VFDs typically include built-in features, such as short circuit protection, to safeguard the motor against electrical faults. This protection mechanism detects abnormal current levels and trips the VFD to prevent damage to the motor.

It’s important to consult the VFD manufacturer’s documentation, as the specific parameters and settings may vary depending on the VFD model. The manufacturer’s guidelines will provide detailed instructions on how to configure and utilize the short circuit protection feature effectively.

Additionally, it is recommended to involve a qualified electrician or engineer who can assess the specific requirements of your wastewater treatment plant, motor, and VFD system. They can provide expert advice and ensure proper installation, configuration, and operation of the VFD to optimize motor performance and protection.


By embracing VFD technology in their water treatment and distribution systems, the world’s leading FMCG food company achieved enhanced efficiency, reduced wastage, and streamlined motor control. The implementation of VFDs enabled the company to optimize water consumption, minimize product loss, and reduce power waste. Furthermore, the simplified maintenance procedures ensured increased uptime and improved system reliability. Through this successful application case, the company sets a precedent for other industry players to harness the power of VFDs and unlock substantial benefits in their operations.

Introducing USFULL VFD: Empowering Your Motor Control Solutions:

Are you searching for an innovative motor control solution that can revolutionize your FMCG food industry operations? Look no further than USFULL Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). Designed to optimize motor control, reduce wastage, and simplify maintenance procedures, USFULL VFDs are the ultimate choice for efficient and flexible motor control in your water treatment and distribution processes.

Unleash the Potential of Your Motors with USFULL VFDs:

USFULL VFDs provide remote and instantaneous motor speed control, allowing you to effortlessly adjust motor parameters. Whether you have motors ranging from a few kW to 200 kW, our VFDs seamlessly adapt to the dynamic demands of your water treatment plants and boilers. No more struggling with manual adjustments and wasting valuable time. USFULL VFDs offer precise control and enhanced motor protection, tripping in case of faulty current supply and ensuring the safety of your equipment.

Experience Unmatched Performance and Efficiency with USFULL VFDs:

With USFULL VFDs, you can achieve optimal motor control and protection, resulting in substantial benefits for your operations:

Efficient Water and Product Management: USFULL VFDs allow your motors to adapt their speed and output to match the required demand, minimizing water and product wastage. Experience cost savings and increased operational efficiency like never before.

Power Consumption Optimization: Our VFDs enable motors to operate at optimal speeds, significantly reducing power consumption. By aligning with your sustainability goals, USFULL VFDs contribute to substantial energy savings and a greener future.

Simplified Maintenance: Say goodbye to time-consuming maintenance procedures. USFULL VFDs offer remote control capabilities, allowing for swift adjustments and troubleshooting. Minimize downtime, increase productivity, and gain valuable diagnostic information for proactive maintenance, ensuring enhanced system reliability.

Choose USFULL VFDs for Your Wastewater Treatment Plant

When it comes to pumping and aeration systems in your wastewater treatment plant, USFULL VFDs are the ideal choice. Our VFDs offer ample power capacity and short-circuit protection, ensuring optimal performance and protection of your motors.

Our dedicated team of experts recommends a 60 kW USFULL VFD for a 50 kW motor. With the flexibility to handle future expansions or increased load requirements, our VFDs provide the safety margin your operations need.

Partner with USFULL and Harness the Power of USFULL VFDs

When you choose USFULL VFDs, you are partnering with a trusted and innovative brand in motor control solutions. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition. We understand the unique requirements of the FMCG food industry and have designed our VFDs to meet and exceed your expectations.

Let USFULL VFDs revolutionize your motor control solutions, optimize your water treatment and distribution processes, and unlock substantial benefits for your operations. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance efficiency, reduce wastage, and streamline your motor control. Choose USFULL VFDs and experience the difference today!

Contact us now to learn more about USFULL VFDs and how they can transform your business. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect VFD solution for your specific needs. Together, let’s empower your motor control solutions with USFULL VFDs.

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