Why is solar pump inverter so important

Energy production is expensive and hard to produce on your own. You’re left powerless when your energy source goes out for an extended period without any backup system.

With the cost of electricity and the rising price of fossil fuels, consumers are looking for more ways to be sustainable. The solar panel system is an efficient way to reduce electricity costs.

With the availability of solar pump inverter from USFULL, pumps can run for hours at a stretch even when there is no electricity supply in rural areas.

Solar pump inverter offers the perfect solution for environmentally conscious people seeking clean energy sources that maximize the utilization of their solar panels.

It converts DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current). This inverter helps maintain constant voltage and frequency, even when there is a sudden dip in voltage from the solar panels.

It helps by converting every single solar panel into power-generating units. You can use it with any water pump to generate constant power from your solar panel at a minimal cost.

In this article, you will understand why you need to use the solar power inverter by USFULL to save maximum energy and money.

Why Is It Important?

  • Electricity Supply In Remote Areas

Instead of using grid electricity to power a water pump, the solar pump inverters can get the energy directly from the solar panel system. USFULL’s solar pump inverter helps to keep existing motors in good use and reduces outlay for new installation.

It is the best way to supply the electricity in remote areas where it is impossible to install a connection from the electricity grid.

  • Best Way To Irrigation

The solar system is a photovoltaic (PV) system that performs an intrinsic process to convert solar energy into useful electricity using a solar pump inverter.

Solar pump inverter is specially designed to run water pumping systems with utmost efficiency and reliability under extreme conditions. It solves all water intake problems during irrigation.

  • Reduces Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is using resources that produce energy to perform an activity or provide services. Energy is the lifeblood of an economy and the beginning point of numerous production processes.

USFULL’s solar pump inverter compares the supply voltage with the actual power demand. It allows the inverter to work at optimum efficiency, thus reducing overall energy consumption.

  • GPRS Analyze Quality and Quantity of Water

Solar pump inverter is best in GPRS tracking water level because its pressure sensor detects the water level whenever it drops. By doing this, users can be informed about the quality of water being supplied to them.

It tracks water levels through GPRS, which lends it its unique benefit. This kind of tracking also ensures no energy is wasted in pumping extra water.

  • Less Power Loss

The solar pump inverter has less power loss than the traditional motor drive, saving 30%~60% of electricity compared to the conventional motor drive. The solar pump inverters are frequency-converted by the CPU and automatically adjust the voltage. It ideally decreases electromagnetic interference. Meanwhile, the anti-reverse system makes sure no electrical shock or current leak.

Types Of Solar Pump Inverter

There are two types of solar pump inverter by USFULL with different specifications.


This model is a unique invention of USFULL with a highly efficient designed operating system for AC solar pumps. USFULL S series solar pump inverter has three different models with an output power range between 0.75KW-7.5KW. You can modify various parameters according to the situation or demand on the keypad of the controller system.


With the complete waterproof system and dustproof system, you can buy this ISO and ICE-certified product without any hesitation. It has the same capacity as the S series and multiple advanced features, which enable it to stand out from all other brands while comparing its reliability and efficiency.

Features Of Solar Pump Inverter?

1.Waterproof System

Solar pump inverter is a waterproof shell, and it can avoid being broken outside. It uses the latest international energy-saving inverter technology, perfect function, strong anti-interference ability, and output efficiency of 99% or more with the certified IP65 protection system.

2.Automatic Water-Level Adjustment And Detection

The power of the pump is adjusted automatically according to different water capacities. It can adapt three levels of water capacity, namely 25%, 50%, 75%. The system will detect and stop the pump in case of insufficient water to work intelligently.

3.Less Frequency Defense

Solar pump inverter is relatively better than conventional in terms of reliability and efficiency to be applied in more harsh environments. Less frequency defense includes reverse battery protection, overheating protection, open circuit protection, Input/output reverse connection protection, and short circuit protection.

4.Incredible Automated MPTT

MPPT or Maximum Power Point Tracking is an algorithm included in solar charge controllers and inverters used for pumping systems. The MPPT algorithm varies the DC-AC conversion ratio to ensure that a maximum amount of power flows from the PV array into the batteries, regardless of conditions (temperature, cloud movements, etc.)

5.Off-Grid System

The solar pump inverter is the main component of your off-grid solar system and is responsible for converting the energy produced by the solar panels into electricity. The solar pump inverters are designed with the controller, inverter, and power drive in one unit, saving on installation costs and being more accessible to install than a separate inverter + motor controller. It also provides better performance and reliability.

6.Dry Run Protection

Dry run protection comes into effect when your water pump has no water available at the input. This can happen during drought periods or after a check valve has failed in the water supply line. When this happens, the solar pump inverter will detect a low current signature from the solar submersible pump and shut down automatically until more water is available. The water level sensor is provided with the solar pump inverter, which stops operation if water levels are below 50mm.


Trust your investment in USFULL, affordable solar pump inverters that come at an affordable price with excellent quality.

Our Solar pump inverters ensure that your Solar-powered water pumping system runs smoothly. These devices can be used for submersible and surface-mounted pumps in a solar power system. After implementing a solar pump inverter, farmers can produce their electricity with solar energy. They no longer have to worry about their high electricity bills or the environmental impact of using fossil fuels. Farm productivity improves, making more money for the farmer, and the environment becomes cleaner at the same time.

Our USFULL Solar pump inverter series is reliable because they are manufactured with the best materials in our factory.- Our customer service ensures that you’ll always get the correct information and help when you need it.- You will be sure that we have the best price for you.

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