USFULL Solar Pump Inverter in Turkey

In today’s world, energy resources are very important. So USFULL Solar Pump Inverter is popular in Turkey, such as Istanbul, Ankara, izmir, Uşak and so on.

The price of power production is rising daily because of the rising prices of fossil fuels. In the Modern Era, the only solution is to adopt Solar System which is only possible through Solar Pump Inverter. Because it is an Economic Solution to reduce the power cost.

In Turkey’s rural areas, with a power shortage, the solar panel system plays the main role in power generation. Usually, farmers in Turkey use this power to fulfill the water requirement for agricultural needs.

Solar pump inverters help you effectively use solar power in water extraction. This blog post will give you in-depth insights on this equipment. What are its features? Importance of this equipment in Turkey? Sounds exciting? Let’s get started!

Importance of Solar Pump Inverter in Turkey

Solar project demand is rising in Turkey daily. By 2027, Turkey Government aims to extend its solar power generation up to 10 GW. This represents a high potential for solar water pump inverters and renewable energy needs.

One more thing that favors this device is Turkey’s climatic conditions. The solar conditions vary within Turkey from region to region. Mostly the sunny months last from May to October in most regions. This is true, especially for Mediterranean areas and South Eastern Anatolia.

Currently, in Turkey, the power generation from solar panels is around 8 GW. This trend will continue to rise in the future. The main contribution of Solar power is in the agriculture and commercial sector.

Turkey’s Government is giving the farmer community a 40% subsidy on solar components to fulfill their agriculture needs. Now you can use a Solar pump inverter to carry out continuous water pumping. You can do this without any extra expenses on non-renewable power.

What is Solar Pump Inverter, and How it Works?

It is a device you can use to drive a water pump. You can drive any pump, including axial, centrifugal, mixed-flow, irrigation, etc. It transforms direct current obtained from solar panels into alternating current.

The DC into AC conversion results in frequency variations. This way, it can better control the power. It works by inspecting the frequency. It detects the intensity of sunlight by identifying of point having maximum power.

Applications of Solar Pump Inverter in Turkey

Are you living in Turkey? If the answer is yes, you may find wide range of applications for this device in Turkey. Some of the main applications are as follows:

1.   Agriculture Sector

In agriculture, water is essential to meet the need of the crop. Solar pump inverter provides uninterruptible energy from solar panels to Irrigations pumps in Turkey. This helps in meeting the supply of water to the soil. It will help you to reduce the operation cost and increase the productivity

2.   Community Water Supply

It is a concept of providing clean and safe drinking water to all residents within a particular geographic area. A solar pump inverter is an effective solution for the community water supply.

In turkey solar water pump inverter take out energy from solar panels placed on rooftops. Later it supplies this energy to run the centrifugal pump to meet community water demands.

3.   Solar Pump Inverter In Fish Farming

Water is the basic need for fish survival. This solar water pump inverter helps you fulfill the water requirement for various fish farms in Turkey. It derives solar energy from solar panels and directs it towards AC pumps.

The Solar pond pump, as a result, fills up the specific pond. It is an affordable solution backing up frequent pond refilling. This is how solar pump inverter serves in fish survival in Turkey.

Solar Pump Inverter Feature.

Several features make this device stand out in Turkey. Some of the key features are as follows:

1.   IP65 Rated

IP65 protection is the standard for today’s electrical appliances. Your solar pump inverter features complete protection from dust, dirt, and moisture, typically coming through the air. This standard also reflects that your device is mechanical and durable and resists weather elements.

2.   MPPT

The MPPT refers to the maximum power point tracking. Let’s discuss this in detail. The solar pump inverter determines the frequency and voltage generated in the Solar panel. Then it optimizes its frequency and voltage accordingly. This will help in maximum power extraction from solar panels. This is the reason it is known as the MPPT system.

3.   Indication of Water Level

The USFULL Solar Pump Inverter can detect the water level in the well. It monitors the water level and prevents it from getting below a specific point. Thus, it helps you avoid experiencing dry conditions in your reservoir.

It has a built-in relay that carries out this function. Therefore, solar powered water pump also protects against overrunning of the pump motor. Hence contributing to solar well pump life and power safety longer.

4.   Preprograming

Solar Pump Inverter from USFULL features preprogrammed interface, which you can install on the go. This includes a “Plug Play” system that leads you to operate efficiently.

Solar pool pump inverter allows you to synchronize solar panel voltage and optimize it per pump requirement. This way, it protects and controls the operational pump. This preprogrammed system elongates the useful life of the AC pump.

5.   Low Maintenance Requirement

USFULL solar pump Inverter is easy to maintain. The preprogramming facilitates low or no maintenance. A piece of basic knowledge of circuit connections can help you adjust in this device efficiently.

If you are a beginner, you must conduct research on your behalf. A little effort from your side can help you maintain your pump inverter effectively.


SR No Parameter Specification Parameter Specification
1. Model No. FU9000SI Model No. FU9000S
2. Usage AC Pumps Usage AC Pumps
3. Power Range 0.75KW- 37KW Power Range 0.75KW-7.5KW
4. HP Range 1HP to 50HP Voltage Capacity 220V-380V


From the above discussion, it is clear that this device has vast potential in Turkey. The current scenario and prediction for future renewable energy trends in Turkey are vast. You cannot underestimate the importance of Solar pump inverters, especially in Turkey.

USFULL provides you with the complete service solution and a manual guide for solar powered water pump inverters in turkey. If you have any queries regarding the Solar pump inverter, feel free to reach out.

USFULL Pump Inverter for Turkey can help you cut your electric bill by 30% or more, saving you a lot of money.

Why should you wait? Get a USFULL Solar Pump Inverter for Turkey today and start saving.

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