Solar Pump Inverter: An Efficient Way Of Agriculture

Most area of Morocco has sandy soil type and therefore requires large amounts of water for irrigation. Diesel pumps and gridlines energy supply can also be very expensive in the long run, especially when used for hours of pumping operations.

Diesel-powered pumps also contribute to harmful pollution and cause costly maintenance issues. A photovoltaic or solar panel system is an efficient way to provide energy to water pumps. It delivers water to crops without fear of extended periods of no-electricity.

Solar water pumping will help farmers of Morocco save their money, produce better crops and protect the environment. Solar pump inverter is a major component that connects with solar panels and pumps.

It enables the automatic adjustment of pumps from off-peak electricity to on-peak, reducing the demand for expensive standby power in Morocco. It can receive a signal in DC and convert it into AC while ensuring its stability.

The signal will be transferred to the pump’s motor, which drives it to pump enough water for irrigation.

This is the project in Morocco:

Product: USFULL Solar Pumping Inverter 4KW-220V
Project:  2HP-220V pump
8*455W solar panels

Features Of USFULL Solar Pump Inverter

There are many features of USFULL’s solar pump inverter. Some are associated as:

1.Standard IP Rating

Ingress protection classifies the degree of protection provided against intrusion by water and dust into electrical enclosures. The solar pump inverter has an IP65 rating, which is the international standard for a solar pump inverter’s ability to withstand dust, dirt, and water. With a standard IP rating, you can ensure your solar pump inverter will work efficiently in any condition.

2.Water Level Indicator

Water Level Indicator gives a visual indication to the user of the water level in a reservoir tank. Solar pump inverter is built to alert when the water in the tank or sump gets below a certain level. The relay on the solar pump inverter automatically disconnects the motor’s operation, thus avoiding dry run conditions. It helps to save power and increase the pump life.

3.MPPT System

In a maximum power point tracking system, the solar pump inverter automatically tracks the voltage and frequency of the solar panel. The solar pump inverter adjusts its operating voltage and frequency to extract maximum power from solar panels. The solar pump inverter is connected with a remote monitoring solution that allows monitoring and controlling your inverter from any corner of the world by mobile application or laptop.

4.Entirely Preprogrammed

USFULL’s solar pump inverter is completely preprogrammed and ready to install. This “plug-and-play” design saves labor costs and installation time and provides maximum convenience and efficient operation. It is intended to control and protect the pump operating from solar panels and synchronize with the mains voltage.

5.Low-Frequency Protection

Low-frequency protection is a very useful feature in USFULL’s solar pump inverter. Low frequency helps prevent the inverter from being damaged and ensures that voltage fluctuations cause no damage. It is also responsible for protecting the pump against low output voltage power surges and can even stop irregularities at a false start.

Specifications Of Solar Pump Inverter

Model FU9000SI Model FU9000S
Apps AC Pumps Apps AC Pumps
Power Range 0.75KW- 37KW Power Range 0.75KW-7.5KW
HP Range 1HP to 50HP Voltage Capacity 220V-380V

How Is Solar Pump Inverter Important For Irrigation In Morocco?

·         Integrating Automation In Agriculture

Solar pump inverter uses solar energy to provide power to the irrigation pumps for operating them and make farming convenient. It will also help improve the efficiency of operations, which in turn saves a significant amount of energy and resources.

It helps farmers monitor or control water pumps from any place and by using your mobile device. This application will also promote awareness for Morocco’s youngsters of sources of energy different from the usual ones.

·Economic Way Of Irrigation

Solar pump inverter helps you save money by converting DC into AC via photovoltaic panels. These inverters are suitable for rural applications, particularly in areas with no electricity access or unavailable power, such as irrigation systems and residential uses.

Solar pump inverter is a solar-powered energy solution for rural people in Morocco. You can easily use this because it uses a renewable source of energy, it is the cheapest way to irrigate in the country, and the technology has been tested and used worldwide.

·Pollution Free Energy Production

The photovoltaic system in different harsh areas of Morocco is a great method to eliminate all those other methods that create pollution. Solar pump inverter protects the pump from lightning, overheating, overload, under-voltage, over-voltage, and other faults.

With a solar pump inverter, there is no need for additional fuel sources like coal or oil and maintenance and monitoring for pumping water for various purposes.

·Durable In All Weather Conditions

Morocco’s climate is characterized by a Mediterranean climate in the north and mild to hot, dry arid in the interior regions if you have been worrying about your solar power system shutting down due to harsh weather conditions in Morocco.

USFULL’s solar pump inverter is designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions and protect your solar pumping system. It has a corrosion-resistant body and structure. The sealed power box design ensures that all internal components stay in good condition.

·User-Friendly Interference

There are absolutely no emissions of greenhouse gasses. Solar pump inverters can be installed virtually anywhere without worrying about electrical wiring or digging trenches for pipelines. Solar pump inverter ideally lowers electromagnetic interference by cutting off the power from outside sources.

USFULL’s solar pump inverter frequency conversion is done by the CPU and automatically adjusts the voltage for you according to the conditions. The anti-reverse system keeps any possible electrical shocks and currents from leaking.


USFULL’s solar pump inverters are perfect to handle the rapid voltage change from sun rays during the day. The solar pump paves the way for abundant energy sources by utilizing solar power efficiently in Morocco.

Using USFULL’s solar pump inverter can help save water and, reduce energy bills; increase the lifespan of your water pumps. USFULL’s solar pump inverter is efficient for converting light into electricity by providing water to plants.

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