How to unlock Animal Husbandry Water Solutions in Kazakhstan?

The project above features the installation of solar pump inverters (USFULL) by Zhejiang Fullwill Electric Co Ltd in Kazakhstan. The purpose of the installation was to cater to water solutions for animal husbandry.

The project consists of installing the solar pump inverter model FU9000SI-2R2G-S2, a 2.2KW 220V solar inverter with excellent efficiency. After gaining solar energy from the solar panel, this pump converts it into current. The main aim of installing this pump is to integrate the system with advanced automation to control the pump remotely.

This solar pump inverter helps irrigate land and draws water for livestock using solar energy. This product offers multiple benefits and has a specific mechanism through which it works. To know more about it, this guide will help you; let’s read below.

How Does a Solar Water Pump Work?

The working mechanism of a solar water pump is quite simple. As the name suggests, it utilizes energy from the sun to create electricity. Due to the hike in the prices of electricity around the globe and the lack of grid availability in remote areas, solar water pumps prove to be helpful.

The project above also is equipped with solar panels that take energy from the sun. Then, the solar pump inverter helps convert the energy into electricity, which helps power the pump. The pump then draws water from the source and supplies it to the animal husbandry.

How to unlock Animal Husbandry Water Solutions in Kazakhstan?

What are the features of the USFULL Solar Pump Inverter in the Animal Husbandry Project in Kazakhstan?

The project of Animal Husbandry in Kazakhstan has made the most of the USFULL solar pump inverter in various ways, and some of the essential features of this pump inverter comprise the following:

  • This solar pump inverter offers a high-efficiency MPPT function. This function ensures that the input of power from solar panels is at its maximum, and hence, the pumping system works with maximum efficiency.
  • In areas that are in the zone off-grid, the solar pump invented proves to be an ideal means of pumping water to remote areas.
  • These pump inverters even turn on and off automatically and even help detect the state of the water well.
  • These inverters are offered in a diverse range of voltage; hence, they can adapt to all kinds of environments.
  • The LED display in the inverters offers a look at the solar pumps’ status, and when integrated with GPRS, they offer real-time monitoring from a remote location.
How to unlock Animal Husbandry Water Solutions in Kazakhstan?

Benefits Attained by the Kazakhstan Animal Husbandry by Solar Pump Inverter

The installation of solar pump inverters has various benefits for animal husbandry in Kazakhstan, some of these are as follows:

  • The solar water pump inverters use renewable solar power, which cuts down the use of generators and grid electricity and hence helps save on energy costs. Moreover, in areas with no electricity, using generators is usually costly; hence, it proves to be cost-effective.
  • This project has also been providing for environmental friendliness, as they are not leaving behind a carbon footprint by using solar energy.
  • The solar power pump inverter offers a dependable supply solution since this animal husbandry is located in a remote area. Hence, the need to wait for and have a grid infrastructure eliminated.
  • It has offered a lot of flexibility to the farmers as they have an accessible water source by installing solar water pump intervals.
  • The farmers can even source water for irrigation through this method; hence, their animals and crops are ideally catered to.
How to unlock Animal Husbandry Water Solutions in Kazakhstan?


The hike in electricity prices and the lack of grid supply to remote areas require alternates, and solar power is a seamless solution. The solar pump inverters use sunlight, and hence, when combined with various technologies, they are able to offer a high level of functionality and integration with the GPRS module overalls for remote monitoring.

The solar pumping systems can also be controlled from distant places, making the animal husbandry project successful by sorting out the water supply problem.

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