Overcome Voltage Drop with AC Contactors: An Incredible Solution

Electric power is a crucial part of our daily lives, but sometimes it isn’t enough. Voltage drop happens when the load on the circuit exceeds what it can handle without an over-current condition. It causes major issues for sensitive items like distribution boxes, pumps, and electrical appliances, greatly reducing its lifespan.

Reduce energy a loss, lower operating costs, and proactively monitor and control voltage levels with mechanical contactors that minimize voltage fluctuations. Automatic Control (AC) Contactor is a safety device designed with your safety in mind. Part of your home electrics will monitor temperatures at regular intervals and switch off power automatically should dangerous conditions arise.

AC Contactors are used in various fields for both commercial and residential purposes. It has moving contact parts moved automatically by spring action, hydraulic power, magnetic forces, or electrical power during any power surge.

Features Of AC Contactors

Some of the features of AC Contactors are associated as:

1.Thermal Resistance, No Fire Risk

Anti-flammable AC contactors prevent an explosion from an external ignition source like arc, flame, or spark. It helps prevent spark or fire during operation when the contacts are stuck together during power fluctuations.

You can use anti-flammable AC contactors in areas subject to stringent protection requirements for equipment with a risk of explosion due to explosive gases and combustible dust.

2.Multiple Operating Applications

AC contactors are convenient because they combine multiple electrical controls into a single device. You can use AC contactors for controlling power to electric motors, transformers, lighting, distribution box, and other electric loads.

You can also use them for applications in which isolated control of a circuit is needed. USFULL’s AC contactors provide reliability, high performance, and durability with long service life.

3.Silver Alloy Contacts

Silver alloy contacts provide lower temperature operating performance. Eight silver alloy contacts are used for maximum force to close the switch and will open during a power surge.

Silver contacts in AC contactors have improved electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. Silver contacts are used for general loads that require sensitive contact operations such as motor control and heating applications.

4.International Standard Iron Core

Thirty-two pieces of silicon iron core come in various sizes and ranges and tend to be resistant to moisture, heat, and cold. They can also increase the performance of the equipment as premium silicon steel is often used for AC Contactors.

That’s why USFULL uses silicon iron core in AC Contactors as they are still conducting electricity better than other metals.

5.Copper Winding Coil

A copper coil is the electromagnet core used in pole pieces of contactors to generate pull force and control the movement of moving contacts.

This metallic brown core coil can withstand high inrush currents and deliver a smooth movement pattern for a longer time. Installation is easy with quick-connect terminals, plus you can adjust it easily for making small changes.

6.High Voltage Capacity

High voltage capacity in AC Contactors lets you reduce rated operating power for low-voltage motors. USFULL’s contactors are great for use in higher AC motor voltages.

They are also suitable for a wide range of load currents, up to 95A and 50 or 60 Hz frequencies. AC contactors can also improve efficiency by reducing electricity demand during peak usage periods.

Types Of AC Contactors

1.NLC1-D AC Contactors

USFULL is offering the new design of the LC1-D contactor available from 9A to 95A.

Technical specification of NLC1-D

Frequency 50Hz/60Hz Certificate CCC, CE
Operating Frequency 1200Times/H Coil Voltage 24V/36V/110V/220V/380V
Operating Temperature -5C To +40C Insolation Voltage 660 V
IP Grade IP20 Elevation <2000M

2.LC1-D (CJX-2) AC Contactors

USFULL offers a popular AC contactor, the LC1D series. The three-pole and four-pole versions are suitable for industrial control and have AC and DC coils.

Technical Specification of LC1-D (CJX-2)

Frequency 50Hz/60Hz Certificate ISO, CE
Operating Frequency 1200Times/H Coil Voltage 24V/36V/48V/110V/220V/380V/415V
Operating Temperature -5C To +40C Insolation Voltage 690 V
IP Grade IP20 Elevation <2000M

What Makes AC Contactors Stand Out?

This article will discuss the benefits of AC Contactors, whether it is worth the purchase, and what some pros are?

·Quick Switching Wherever It Needed

Quick switching will benefit users by reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI), improving inrush capability, and optimizing power factor correction in electromagnetic compatibility.

It provides a smooth running in AC contactors for various switching operations like on/offloads, control of short-circuit currents, control of direct current motors, etc.

·Less Energy Consumption

AC contactors are a kind of motor controller that can provide effective solutions to the issue of energy conservation by reducing wasted energy. Less wasted energy means less cost, bringing greater economic benefits and superior environmental adaptability.

AC contactor requires less voltage to run the components of AC Contactor and is highly effective in design, consumption, manufacturing, and business presentations.

·Easy Operating Principle

The operating principle of the AC Contactor is very simple to understand. Its operation is started by giving the supply voltage to its coil. It energizes its electromagnet, which attracts the contact that closes the contacts.

When the power supply to its coil is cut off, the electromagnetic force disappears and loses its attraction power. The contact is pulled back to its original position by a spring and thus opens the contact points.

·Suitable For Both AC/DC Devices

AC contactors are suitable for higher voltage switching in both AC/DC devices. These have special protocols and arrangements to handle both types of currents. The arrangement is made with a mechanical switch for AC/DC.

Both types of current operate through the electromagnetic relay, which controls the on and off mode of the device.

·Available In Multiple Ratings

In general multiple rating of AC Contactor is a configuration where a multiple power contactor can have different ampere ratings for various coil voltage.

It will help users select coil voltage based on their requirements and have a single power contactor in hand with different ampere ratings at different coil voltages. It gives the flexibility to end-users in selecting AC contactors.


High quality can directly impact the lifespan of an AC contactor. A durable lifespan in better cost-effectiveness reduces overall replacement and maintenance costs.

They are used in residential and commercial building construction. USFULL’s AC contactor features (size, availability, cost, etc.) make them perfect for connecting solar panels as well.

USFULL’s heavy-duty contactors are designed with maximum performance and durability in mind. USFULL can provide cost-effective contractors that fit your need.

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