Welcome to Our Booth in Solar Middle East

Welcome to our booth in Solar Middle East

Solar Middle East—Dubai

Solar Middle East is a 3-day event being held from 14th February to 16th February 2017 at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This event showcases products like Solar Middle East provides a platform for industry innovators to debate the economic viability and investment required in Solar and the opportunity for visitors to learn about integrating solar energy into their energy supply. With the current industry growth and expected developments etc, in the Power & Renewable Energy industry.

All of us know the human resources become less and less, gradually withered. The new trend is bound to start using new energy, the most important is solar energy. In the solar industry, solar panels occupy a major share of the whole industry. So shall we dedicate ourselves to the solar panel industry? No… The market of solar panel is almost inflation, in the meanwhile, the profit is compressed to zero. So what we have to do is convert the solar energy into a variety of human resources we need, in this converting, our solar pumping drive plays a vital role. That is FU9000S.

Fullwill company specialed in the solar pump drive and frequency inverter since 2005, we already have customers from afghnan,iran,turkey,paskitan,yemen,dubai,Thailand and so on

We have one team service u at 24 hours in 365 days

This time fullwill company will attend the solar middle east , Sheikh Maktoum Hall, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Date :14-16th February,2017

Hall:Zabeel 1

Booth number:Z2.A30

Welcome to visit and have a coffee!


USFULL FU9000S Solar Pumping Drive Used in Desert of Egypt
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