Water Pumping with Solar Power

Water Pumping with Solar Power

Of all the ways solar electricity benefits the people on Earth, none makes as much difference in the daily lives as pumping water. By providing water for irrigation, or potable water has obvious benefits for people in rural areas and especially for those in developing nations.

There are 3 different ways that water pumps can be connected to PV modules. The proper choice is determined by application specific factors like how much water is required and whether the water should be available at night or just during high sun hours. This paper provides a simplified overview of these 3 different systems for general education.

This method has some significant advantages. Water can be pumped during the day or night, in any weather. This can be critical for such applications as diverting flood waters, or providing potable water during emergencies. The battery adds some cost, but since the PV array does not have to be large enough to start the pump, the system cost can actually be lower. An MPPT solar charge controller optimizes the energy harvest from the array and the inverter converts the DC to solid AC power for almost any pump. The pumps can be any size and single phase or 3 phase. Designing this system starts with selecting the pump to meet the water needs. The inverter and battery are sized to provide enough power to drive the pump. The PV array must simply recharge the battery in the daytime. Apollo Solar manufacturers systems that include the MPPT Charge Controller, the Inverter and all the circuit breakers and connection points to make installation fast and easy. These Pre-Wired Panel (PWP) systems are modular by design so they can be stacked up to provide from 3.2kW to 32kW of power for a variety of pump sizes. The fact that one size can provide the wide spectrum of needs means that the local distributor need only stock and support a single product.

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Solar pump inverter system, no need battery , no need electricity or diesel. It is green and easy way to get water to irrigation

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