FU9000S Solar pumping solution

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FU9000S Solar pumping solution

As we know, the market of solar energy is a super trend in these years, the solar energy come into a variety of human resources we need.

We R&D FU9000S series solar pumping drive and provide the whole system to follow this trend.

Solar pump controller’s MTTP function come with high-efficiency in solar pumping application.

FU9000S solar pump inverter supports the driving of single phase 220V and the three phase 220V/380V pumps. The power is from 0.4KW to 110KW, which surpasses many solar pump inverters of the same kind.

Last year, we arrange many solutions of project in Farafrah Oasis in Egypt and Sana’a Yemen, which gather many many voice of support. That makes us more active and confident.

FU9000S Solar pumping solution

FULL Technical Team help people in need , and do the project wherever need.

We will expose in amount of exhibition related to solar energy as below:

◎China Canton Fair,China   | Time: 15-19th Apr., 2017

◎China SNEC,China  | Time: 19-22th Apr., 2017

◎Inter Solar, Germany   | Time: May 31th-June 2nd, 2017

◎Renewable Energy Asia,Thailand    | Time: 7-10th June 2017  |  Booth No. F45,Hall104

◎Renewable Energy India | Time: 20-22th Sep., 2017 | Booth No. 3.123

◎IEE in Tehran  | Time: 5-8th Nov., 2017

◎Electricx & Solar-Tec in Cairo  | Time: 4-6th Dec., 2017

FU9000S Solar pumping solution

We hope you can join us to help people in need.

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