Solar Pumping System — Agricultural Application

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Solar Pumping System — Agricultural Application

Solar Pumping System -- Agricultural Application

The FU9000S solar pumping system serves to provide water in remote applications where electric grid power is either unreliable or unavailable.

The system pumps water using a high-voltage DC power source such as photovoltaic array of solar panels,since the sun is only available during certain hour of a day and only in good weather conditions, the water generally pumped into a storage pool or tand for further usage.

Solar desert control system consists of solar modules, solar pump controllers, pumps and sprinkler pipe network.

Output of solar pump controller is connected to the underground pump power; underground pump output nozzle is connected to the network of drip;

drip irrigation network supplies water by drip mouth to meet the wide-irrigated areas and complex requirements.

The system is equipped with full drip irrigation technology to solve the problems of no electricity, drought in desert and achieve the purpose of anti-desertification.

Environmental degradation causes frequent dust storms and other hash climate, which seriously threaten our environment.

The biggest problem to green the barren hills is the irrigation. High cost of grid erection and electric charge become a bottleneck.

Solar pumping systems, using solar energy and groundwater resources, adopting drip irrigation and intelligent control system,is the most effective way to solve the problem.

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Solar Pumping System -- Agricultural Application

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