Solar Power Can Be an Effective Alternative to Fossil Fuels Some Day in the US

Solar power can be an effective alternative to fossil fuels some day in the US

America could generate all of its electricity (actually, 100 times more than that) using solar power, according to a new report from Environment America Research and Policy Center.

Does that surprise you? The amount of sunlight that hits the Earth each day is massive, so it isn’t that surprising. Solar power has been bashed so much though, that more people might believe it isn’t robust enough to be taken seriously.

The new report demonstrates that solar power is very robust and could provide far more electricity than we need, rather than being deficient.

Of course, Americans don’t need to generate 100 times the electricity they consume. The report’s point is that there is no question solar power can be an effective alternative to fossil fuels some day. What will help make that happen is viable energy
storage, and various companies in the U.S. and around the world are working on new technologies in that field. What is happening today in terms of renewable energy is very exciting. “Solar energy is on the rise across the country. The amount of solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity in the United States has tripled in the past two years,” Environment America writes.

There are numerous benefits that result when we invest in solar power as a nation. Research has shown there are thousands of illnesses and deaths each year that occur because of coal-based air pollution. The financial costs involved in taking of these sick people are huge.

It’s an obvious point, but if we stop using coal, there can’t be any more mining-related illnesses or deaths from accidents.

Another one is that the U.S. imports foreign oil and so is subject to the whimsy of the international petroleum market. If it can generate its own power, why pay so much money to oil companies in other countries?

Generating power at home can also produce many good, domestic jobs and therefore keep money in America, which would most likely support the national economy.

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