New Products Launch –FU9000D Series

New products launch –FU9000D series

Frequency invertor is our major products and popular for our customer in lots of countries. As the request of different market, our company launch.

FU9000d series ac drive is a general-purpose high-performance current vector control AC drive, it is an upgrade product based on FU9000A (normal frequency inverter) and can implement the control of asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). It increase the user programmable function, background monitoring software and communication bus function, and supports multi-kind PG cards, it is used to drive various automation production equipment involving textile, crane, paper-making, wiredrawing, machine tool, packing food, fan and pump.

FU9000D series AC DRIVE INCORPORATES the following the improvements:

  1. Multiple voltage classes, it provides coverage of single-phase 220v, three-phase 380v, three-phase 480v, three-phase 690v and three-phase 1140v.
  2. Control of asynchronous motor and PMSM, it SUPPORTS vector control of three-phase ac asynchronous motor and three-phase ac PMSM.
  3. Diversified control modes, it supports three control modes, namely, sensorless flux vector control SFVC, closed-loop vector control CLVC and v/f CONTROL.
  4. Multiple communication protocols, it supports communication via Modbus-RTU, PROFIBUS-DP,CANINK and CANopen.
  5. Multiple encoder types, it supports various encoders such as differential encoder, open-collector encoder, resolver and UVW encoder.
  6. All new SFVC algorithm, it introduces an all new sensorless flux vector control SFVC algorithm that gives better low-speed stability, enhanced low-frequency loading capacity, and supports torque control.
  7. User programmable function, the MD38pc1 PROGRAMMABLE CARD enables u to write programs in ladder diagram, its programming environment is compatible with that of the h1u series plc.
  8. Advanced background software, the background monitoring software helps to achieve function of parameter upload and download and a real-time oscilloscope.
  9. Other function: virtual I/O, MOTOR OVERHEAT PROTECTION, RAPID CURRENT LIMIT,MULTI-MOTOR SWITCHOVER, restoring use parameters, higher-accurancy AI-AO, customized parameter display, modified parameter display, operations selection at faulty occurrence, pid PARAMETERS switchover and feedback loss detection, DI/DO positive or negative logic and response delay, power dip ride through, timing operation, user programmable function, load allocation.

In one word, FU9000D series ac driver will take your life Wonderful performance.

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