The 16th International Electricity Exhibition of Iran(IEEI)

Time:2021-8-18 Category:Industry News

The 16th International Electricity Exhibition of Iran(IEEI)

The 16th international Electricity Exhibition of Iran which focus exclusively on the Electrical industry to be held from 5-8 November 2016 in Tehran International Ground Fair. The objective of this exposition is to act as a comprehensive resource for the industry, its members, prospective business visitors and customers by providing in-depth information about the industry and the latest trends influencing its progress. Being attended by prominent electrical companies, equipment manufacturers and vendors, the expo offers participants the opportunity to network, learn about new technologies and techniques, exchange ideas and discuss about industry trends. All participants can benefit from great exposure to enhance their revenue channels and increase profits as this exhibition provides fabulous opportunity to reach out the maximum electrical professionals of Iran and world.

The 16th International Electricity Exhibition of Iran(IEEI)

Key Benefits

  1. Companies can share knowledge, build vendor relationships and work with prominent Electrical companies to enhance their market spread.
  2. Great exposure in terms of potential customers and business generation.
  3. An ideal platform for business collaborations, deals, Product launches, brand building and more.
  4. Extensive information about advanced Products / reputed manufacturers.
  5. Updated source to the Electrical industry offering everything and anything you need to know about it.
  6. A number of stalls for companies to exhibit their latest equipment and demonstrate their efficiencies and capabilities.
  7. A mega show that acts as a virtual encyclopedia for the entire industry.
  8. A bright opportunity for technology suppliers and seekers.

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【IEE】The 16th Iran International Electricity Exhibition (IEE) Time: 5-8th November, 2016  |  Hall No.: 38, Booth No.:413

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