Canton Fair in October Customers Visit Guide

Canton fair in October customers visit guide

Will you panic after the Canton Fair customers would be visit our factory ? How to give customers a profound and meaningful impression? But also shows a good corporate culture of performance, I would like to take my company as an example of some of the programs, hope to help you.

First of all, to clarify the company’s geographical location

Fullwill company located in the picturesque scenery of the town- Liushi of Yueqing,5 minutes distance from Liushi bus station, 20 minutes from Yueqing railway station , 40 minutes from Wenzhou airport ,and  60 minutes from Taizhou city. The transportation is convenient, many beautiful scenery  around our city like Yandang mountain and Nanxijiang river.  And prepare some introduction of this scenery, too. When customers is coming, please inform the nearest station, the charge of ticket and how many persons, arrival time in advance. Attached some hotel information for customer reference, try to shorten the trip to provide more time for negotiation.

Second, Preparation of the company

Clear functions, the relevant departments should know their responsibilities, communicate with each other to promote the company’s normal business activities in an orderly and normal development, the Department of Strategy and Supervision is responsible for providing information to visitors; responsible for the planning, layout, improvement and daily management ; Sample room must be clean and orderly, staff dressing if there is demand to improve, the saying goes, so that your floor bright blind customer’s eyes. Documents related information should be prepared in advance, tea work and related personnel. Our company has its own special welcome ceremony for your reference, keeping office and workshop cleanliness is very important.

The last: The details of the negotiations.

Keep smiling and enthusiastic to negotiate with customers, actively cooperate with the customer’s call, prepare the company picture albums, papers, pens, calculators, then exchange business cards, guests seated, ready to coffee drinks, fruit can be arrived later, pure water is the most normal drinks, and colleagues to meet customers have to be smile and greetings in simple English. In the meeting the problems of customers must be detailed recorded, and promptly resolved. If you really can not solve, the case should also be informed the customer when the program can be given. Water was added to the meeting as appropriate. Such as negotiation of the final stage, and then on the fruit to taste and talk to some of the guests relaxed words. After leaving the conference room, we can bring customers to visit the factory and some office areas and arrange the main person in charge of the introduction process. Consult whit customers whether take the dinner . And pay attention to the details of the meal attention to customer food taboos

Finally, I would like to say is to give customers a feeling like at home. If customer feel good, the order would be come soon. Regardless of company scale, as long as you sincerely to service, I believe that customers can feel it.

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