How to Choose Right Submersible Pump?

How to choose right Submersible pump?

It is applicable to the extraction of groundwater from a deep well, can also be used in rivers, reservoirs, canals and other water projects. Mainly used for irrigation and livestock water of high mountain,also for central air conditioning cooling, heat pump, cooling pump group, cities, factories, railways, mines, construction sites and drainage use. In general capacity can reach (5m3 ~ 650m3) and head can be up to 10-550 meters per hour.

Working principle

There are several submersible pump , the lines and coated inside mortor with oil immersion type ,water influx type and dry type.

Submersible pumps

Must look at the manual before using, can not be wrong, if no long-term need, you must have to get the impeller rotation before use, or stuck and burn because of no long-term need. Before opening the pump, suction pipe and the pump must be filled with liquid. After opening ,the pumpimpeller rotates at high speed liquid therein together with the rotation of the blades, under the centrifugal force, the impeller fly outward injection, the liquid of injection gradually become slowly in diffusion pump housing , gradually increase the pressure, and then from the pump outlet exhaust pipe outflow. In this case, at the center of the blade due to the surrounding liquid left behind formed neither liquid nor air vacuum area of low pressure liquid liquid pool at the pool surface atmospheric effect, flows into the pump through the suction pipe, So that it is continuously pumped up from the liquid pool and continuously flowed out from the discharge pipe.

Basic parameters

Including capacity, head, pump speed, and the supporting power, rated current, efficiency, the outlet pipe diameter and so on.

Submersible pump is consisted of the control cabinet, diving cable, head pipe, submersible pumps and submersible motor.

Submersible pump main purpose and scope of application: including mine rescue, building construction drainage, agricultural water irrigation, industrial water cycle, urban and rural drinking water supply, and even disaster relief and so on.

Main Category

On the using media, the submersible pump can be divided into water submersible pumps, sewage submersible pumps, water submersible pumps (corrosive) categories.

Installation of submersible pumps

1.Vertical vertical use, for example, in general the wells;

2.Inclined to use, such as mine have a slope roadway;

3.Horizontal use, such as use in the pool.

Selection steps

First, the basic data are listed:

1.The properties of the medium: media name, specific gravity, viscosity, corrosive, toxic, etc.

2.Diameter and content of soild particle in medium (mass or volume percent)

3.Medium temperature: (℃)

4.The required flow rate

General industrial pumps can be ignored leakage of pipe system in process , but must be taken into the impact of flow in process variations. If adopt the open channel seepage with the agricultural pump ,must also consider leakage and evaporation.

5.Pressure: pressure drainage sump tank pressure piping system pressure drop (head loss).

6.The pipeline system data (diameter, length, type and number of pipe fittings to pressure sump tank geometric elevation, etc.)

Second, determine the flow head

Determining the flow rate of

a.If the production process has been given the minimum, normal, maximum flow should consider the maximum flow.

b.If the production process is given only normal flow should consider to leave a margin.

c.Only if the basic data to be converted into a weight flow volume.

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