Fullwill Thanks Everyone for Supporting Us

Fullwill company, from the establishment to today has experienced more than ten years, in order to thank our friends have been always in support and encourage us, we especially write an article to introduce Fullwill company growth story.

From 2005 to 2007

Fullwill company was established in January 2005, the company is located in wenzhou city where has a strong business atmosphere. That year Fullwill team has only 15 people, Ms.Scarlett Chen who was the international trade department manager led the team,  started low voltage electrical products trading business in global market.

From 2007 to 2008 

Fullwill former general manager Ms. Angel Chen, has to deal with some other business, and can not focus on management Fullwill company, therefore she decided to stop operation this company. Ms. Scarlett Chen was deeply shocked and grieved, because after two years of market exploration and development, we already have a group of loyal fans of customers, and Fullwill business begun to render a very good growth trend. International trade department manager Ms. Scarlett Chen and her husband Mr. Steven Chen together to convince the former general manager Ms. Angle Chen, and acquired Fullwill all shares. After the acquisition Fullwill company, the new shareholders fully analyzes Fullwill advantages and disadvantages, and made new market positioning. In 2008, Fullwill set up its own factories, to start producing circuit breaker and contactor. This year, Fullwill team expanded to 50 people. it including marketing department, sales department, production department, technical department.

From 2009 to 2012

In 2009, Fullwill increased the frequency inverter production line, the company has been developing rapidly along with China’s rapid economic development, the annual growth rate is more then 35%. The company access to the technical major breakthrough in these years, and access to the 12 patents.

In 2013

2013 is a turning point for Fullwill, we experienced a serious decline in performance and many bad debts appeared in this year. When the team felt confused, the Board boldly made a new marketing strategy decisions. that is to cut many exhibition, and stop the cooperation with customers whose payment credit is not good. And fully involved in e-commerce marketing, in the meanwhile, our R & D department developed a solar frequency inverter with MPPT function. This new frequency inverter is special used for agricultural irrigation. We also provide technical support and after-sales service for the complete system related to this drive. This system includes solar panel, water pump, frequency inverter, solar structure, solar cable, solar connector, sensor, etc. Fullwill formally entered the photovoltaic agricultural irrigation industries.

From 2014 to 2015

From 2014 to 2015, Fullwill Company’s performance began to rise. That year we began efforts to build our better sales team and our more professional service team.

In 2016

In 2016, the number of Fullwill has increased to 120. Our products continuously iterative and update, and our quality is very stable, and our service get high rating from our customers. Fullwill experienced 10 years, it experienced a variety of difficulties, staggerings, but the company’s development trend is always positive and upward, the most important reason is the help and support from our dear customers. We will be grateful and confident to bring to you higher quality products and more professional services.

Thanks thanks everyone for supporting us!

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