Happy Women’s Day

Women’s Day on March 8 is also called International Working Women’s Day. Originated on March 8, 1909, women in Chicago, USA, in order to fight for “equality between men and women”, conducted marches and rallies, so it has slowly developed to this day, and it has gone through a course of more than 100 years.

In this warm and beautiful day, in order to reflect the company’s special care for female employees and enrich the amateur cultural life of female employees. This afternoon at 14:00 USFULL group held a celebration for all female staff, flowers, fruits, red envelopes, gifts, etc.

Everyone is divided into 9 groups to participate in the fruit platter competition.

The team representative explained the creative inspiration, meaning and blessings of this fruit platter.

Fruit platter show

This is the link to give carnations to every woman. Everyone has a smile on their face. I hope that every female employee can have sunshine and flowers in their future work and life.

Happy Women’s Day to all my fellow women!

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