Go Green with Photovoltaic Accessories

Many people don’t understand what Photovoltaic Accessories are. Why do we use them on our solar panel systems? How do they help harness more power from the sunlight for our homes and businesses?

This article will help you know about important points about Photovoltaic Accessories which will help you understand their importance in the photovoltaic system.

A photovoltaic system is a technology for converting light into electricity using solar panels. Solar panels are usually used with other components like; batteries, inverters, mounts, and other parts called photovoltaic accessories.

Photovoltaic Accessories are the tools necessary for the various functions of the solar panel system as one part of this system. USFULL’s PV accessories improve the performance and efficiency of your solar panel system. These accessories enable fights against environments like rain, snow, and sunlight.

Components Of Photovoltaic Accessories

Some of the major parts of Photovoltaic Accessories are associated as:

1.   Solar PV Combiner Box:

The first accessory we will tell you about is PV Combiner Box. Solar PV Combiner Box is a box in which overcurrent and overvoltage protection is present to improve inverter protection and dependability.

It joins photovoltaic strings and is outfitted with suitable safety mechanisms to enable the parallel connecting of photovoltaic strings. The number of strings determines how many breakers may be installed in the PV combiner box.

  • Ex: MNPV4 = 4 strings, 4 breakers
  • Ex: SMA 15 = 15 strings, 15 breakers


  • Solar PV combiner box provides high waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosive ability, making it much more reliable.
  • Because the photovoltaic combiner box is typically installed outside, the protection level is greater due to IP65.
  • It is made of high-quality aluminum die-casting aluminum housing.
  • PV Combiner Box can connect several PV panels in series and the distribution box.
  • The cost of installation can be reduced by using a Plastic PV Combiner Box, and it is easier to build.


  • It is safe and reliable.
  • It will not only protect you from the power board but will also protect your valuable investment.
  • Better lightning protection performance, No more damage to the solar panels on a rainy day.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It is ideal for PV business and home use.

2.   Fuses

USFULL’s FPRV-63 DC Fuse is used to break the circuit by melting and automatically disconnecting the rest of the circuit from the power supply when it detects a current flow higher than its rated value.

FPRV-30 DC Fuse is an electrical safety device that operates to provide overcurrent protection of an electrical circuit. In a dangerous condition, the fuse will trip, stopping the flow of electricity.

The PV-32X, the new fuse from DC, is suitable for all 32A DC applications. It is defined as a fuse that helps avoid current damage or destroy expensive equipment or burn wires and components.

It uses UL94V-0 thermal plastic case, overcurrent protection, anti-arc, and anti-thermal contact.


  • Fuses can be used in a variety of applications.
  • It is convenient and easy to replace without being overcharged for the “service call.”
  • FPRV-30 DC fuse repairs your thermal fuse faster than a standard fuse.
  • It is the only easy, affordable plug-and-play device for home and commercial.
  • If there is an overload or short circuit, the dc fuse will trip off immediately to protect PV panels.


  • DC fuse provides overcurrent protection of an electrical circuit and will trip open a circuit to prevent an electrical fire.
  • It protects your home electronics, as well as your safety.
  • DC fuse allows your electrical system to function as its designers intended; there’s no need to worry about fuses blowing when the lights are left on.
  • DC fuse protects you by making sure the power is switched off before working on your electrical system.
  • It is the best choice for dc circuit protection, suitable for solar panels, inverters-u pipe, and other electrical parts.

3.   FLY1-PV SPD:

FLY1-PV SPD is PV standard surge protect the device, which protects the PV system and inverter from thunder and lightning, thus protecting the electrical appliance.

It has a high technology level and a stylish design. It’s the missing link for PV power generation.


  • DC SPD is a kind of over-voltage and overcurrent protective device installed in the circuit between solar panel and load, mainly used for the power grid.
  • It absorbs lightning energy.
  • SPD has DIN RAIL mounting installed in the solar panel field. You can mount it for the connection of cables with connectors.
  • The Surge protection device of this range can reduce the current surge rate and have a discharge rate of 25nanosecond at rated peak current.


  • DC SPD can protect photovoltaic systems and inverters against lightning
  • It will reduce the chances of your expensive electronics from the dangers of power surges and spikes.
  • It cuts cost, time, labor and improves the power output of PV systems.
  • Low-risk probability and easy installation make it the perfect solution for both internal and external applications.

4.   DC Breaker:

A circuit breaker is an important DC power system protection device to prevent overloading or short-circuit current damage to photovoltaic components, equipment, and solar systems, ensuring the system’s normal operation.

When a fault is detected, the breaker quickly breaks the continuity of the electrical flow.


  • The green light indicator shows when the DC breaker is turned on and provides easy system operation status.
  • It has an ARC system that detects any abnormal fluctuation in current.
  • USFULL’s DC breaker has a fire-proof shell.
  • Some of the DC breakers reset automatically.


  • DC breaker prevents short-circuit problems.
  • The indicator helps identify which fixture is causing the trip and then replace it. This convenience will ultimately save you time.
  • It protects circuit safety.
  • ARC Extinguishing System is the best solution to fight a DC arc fault and thus protects people from the risk of injury and material damages.

5.   MC4 Connector:

The MC4 Connector is the most commonly used Connector for the PV system. MC4 Connector is defined as the Connector that allows users to directly connect the solar panel to an inverter without considering an anti-reverse device.

The MC in MC4 stands for multi-Contact, while the 4 refers to the contact pin’s 4 mm diameter.


  • MC4 Connector provides a more stable and smooth way to connect solar panels, especially in an open-roof system.
  • The stronger self-locking pins of connectors provide a more stable and secure connection.
  • It uses waterproof, high-strength, and pollution-free PPO material.
  • Copper is the best conductor of electricity, and it’s an important element in the MC4 solar panel cable connector.


  • MC4 Connector is environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  • It can save 70% losses reduced by DC-AC conversion.
  • A thick copper core ensures years of use with no temperature or UV light exposure effects.
  • Stable self-locking makes it easier to use MC4 Connectors with thicker cables in the case of photovoltaic applications.


Using good products will increase the life span of your PV system. USFULL’s Photovoltaic Accessories enhance the efficiency of a solar panel due to their compact size, budget-friendly, limited space, and easy installation. These products make everything perfect in your PV system.

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