Exercise with USFULL Teenagers

Recently, in China, a fitness blogger named Liu Genghong is very popular. He and his wife broadcasts aerobics live on the Tiktok, and there are many fans on the Tiktok to join his aerobics and exercise with him. A fitness boom in China.

Image Source: Liu Genghong’ s social media

Recently, the epidemic situation in China has worsened, especially in Shanghai. People cannot go out casually, and masks must be worn when entering the public places. Due to the lack of outdoor activities, everyone’s physical fitness is not as good as before. The emergence of live aerobics has also given us a new way of exercising. With a mobile phone and a set of sports suit, you can exercise at home.

Every USFULL’s teenagers also can’t be left behind. We also do aerobics with this fitness blogger. At the beginning, everyone was very tired, but after exercising for a long time, you will find that you are not so tired anymore.

Let us exercise with USFULL teenagers! Let us all have a healthy body!

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